02554 Juice was created with one simple goal in mind: making healthy choices easier for busy individuals who lead fast paced lifestyles.

As avid juicers ourselves, we have a passion for concocting healthy juice blends and snacks.  However, we often find ourselves too consumed with hectic days to make consistent daily nutritious food decisions.  Because of our past 12 years of bartending experience on the island of Nantucket, we understand more than anybody the difficulty of making smart food choices, especially when you have little or no time to yourself.  On those rare days when we may find a spare hour or two, we relish in the opportunity of preparing a much needed juice.  The flip side of this joyous moment is inevitably the dirty juicer sits in our sink, since time is constantly of the essence and not factored into our time table of a schedule.

After many dynamic discussions with our friends and coworkers over the topic of health & wellness, we found we were not alone!  During an inspiring lunch in the Fall of 2013, sparks flew and 02554 Juice was born.  We decided to move forward with our juice passion, start our own company, and strive to help like minded individuals revive and survive in these busy times called Life!

We hope you enjoy what we’ve created! – Starr and Jessica